Signs That He Loves the Other Woman

Finding out that there is another woman can be a really big blow. Many women though will dismiss it as a passing fling and will comfort themselves saying it is you he loves and he comes back home to you not her. Well if you are comfortable rationalizing the whole affair that way, well go ahead, but if you would like to know just how serious this affair is, you can look out for some tale-tell signs that he loves the other woman.

Of course, the simplest thing would be to ask the question bluntly and hope you will get an honest answer, but like most things in life, it never is that simple so you need to read between the lines and you will find the answer.

Watch his reaction when you ask him about it

Well, you are likely to get a lie when you ask the question, but the thing is body language can be very truthful unless he is a trained Russian spy who knows how to get his entire mind and body to tell the same lie. When most people tell lies, they try to avoid eye contact, even if it is for a split second. Interrogators usually watch to see which direction a person looks before they answer a question. If they look up, they are trying to remember, if they look down and to the side, they are thinking of making up an answer and if they look straight into your eyes, it usually is the truth especially if it is a yes or no question.

He avoids spending quality time with you

You may start to notice that the amount of time he spends around you is constantly diminishing. You probably only spend time together when it is unavoidable. Even when he is at home with you, he still seems like he is longing to be somewhere else. This, however, could also be the case with a man who is so into his work, but such a man will sacrifice time to be with you as opposed to avoiding being with you, this is because the love he has for the other woman makes him feel guilty being around you, now his mind is slowly believing that he is cheating on her and not you.

He no longer has appetite

There is one thing about a man in love, he will always enjoy the food of the one he loves. Yes even if you are a terrible cook, he will pretend to enjoy the food. When he falls in love with someone else though, he is going to start loving her food. Even mothers with sons will tell you that they noticed their son wasn’t eating as much of her food when he got a girlfriend. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach and if your man is no longer granting you access to his stomach, he probably has someone else that is doing that and he is in love with her.

It’s not just sex

Most cheating men are really just looking for sex, but when they fall in love with that other woman, the relationship becomes much more than just sex. You might find them seated on a park bench just watching the world go by and they are really happy. They go out on dates that have nothing physical but everything emotional attached to them. This is also why he will be avoiding quality time with you, he would rather spend that time with her. He could even come home and have sex with you in the night but the greater part of the day is spent with her.

He shares good news with her first

A person cannot maintain the same level of excitement as they tell different people about something that excites them. From the way he tells you what he considers good news, you should be able to know if he must have shared this news with someone else before you. If for example he got a promotion he had been dying for but he lets you know about this as a by the way, he obviously told her first much earlier and now the excitement is subdued as he tells you, he even does not see the need to share such a huge part of his life with you because he is wishing it was her in his life and not you.

He is mean to you at every opportunity he gets

A man trying to justify his feelings for someone else is always going to look for fault. Any small thing you do is going to be magnified and can turn into a huge argument. He knows he is in the wrong but he would like to feel better about the wrong he is doing so he will look for fault in you. This is also an opportunity for him to match out of the house and into the hands of the other woman, while you are still boiling from the argument that seemed to have emerged from nowhere, he can spend the night with the other woman whom he loves.

Unexplained happiness

In some cases, instead of the unexpected fights, he will seem inexplicably happy. You know you did not do anything to make him happy, but somehow he went into the garage with his phone and came back visibly happy and he cannot give you a clear reason for that. If your man has not secretly started smoking weed, then that smile that pops up every now and then is being triggered by the other woman.

It is important though to understand that now always are these signs going to mean that he is in love with her and according to most relationship experts, he only thinks he is in love with her but when reality sets in, he will know better, so do not beat yourself up about it, the fact that he has not asked for a divorce or put an end to your relationship shows that what he has with her is not as solid as what you have with him.

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