How to Make your Penis Bigger Fast with Your Hands

Most men are not satisfied with their penis size, especially when their women narrate stories about the big sizes of their former lovers. This makes men very insecure. There are many options that are available for increasing the penis size such as pills and penis pumps. However, these are costly solutions that are not guaranteed to work and are also associated with undesirable side effects. This where hand penis exercises come in, they increase the penis girth and length. A bigger penis has many benefits, confidence being the main one. Others are an improved penis shape, improved erection hardness, no premature ejaculation and increased length and girth as earlier mentioned.

How it works

The penis comprises of 3 chambers, of these two are big i.e. Corpora Cavernosa and one is small i.e. Corpus Spongiosum. During an erection, blood occupies all 3 chambers. However, the small chamber is primarily used in ejaculation and urination. On the other hand, the 2 large chambers hold close to 90% of blood.

It is hard for the penis to increase in size on its own since each time the Corpora Cavernosa is filled to maximum capacity with blood. Penis enlargement exercises aid in enhancing the girth and length of Corpora Cavernosa. It does this by forcing high volume of blood into it.

The penis repairs itself after the exercises by growing back the cells, but they return larger and stronger hence better erections.


Warm up

A soft cloth towel should be used. It should be soaked in warm water and squeezed of any excess water. The temperature should be comfortable before it is wrapped round the whole penis. Afterwards, remove it and allow penis to dry before commencing exercises.


The lubrication exercise should only be done following a warm up session. It is a highly effective way of naturally increasing the penis size. The recommended technique is to employ water-based lubricants or petroleum-based lubricants.

Penis exercises

Enlargement exercises can be broadly categorized as follows:

• Strong stretch exercises – These are geared towards improving length.

• Jelquing technique – This serves to increase both girth and length.

• Pubococcygeus tensing technique – It makes the penis more muscular and longer.

Men who are interested in significantly increasing the size of their penis ought to work out daily. There are various penis exercises that can be easily performed for effective and long-lasting results, these include the following:

Wally Wally Up

To perform this exercise, sit on the edge of a chair and retrieve the erect phase. Hold a clean towel above the head of the penis and maintain this position for 3 – 5 seconds. Perform 3 – 5 sets of 5 – 10 reps each. People who feel stronger have the option of raising the resistance via placing either a larger towel or a wet one over above the penis head. It is important to always warm up prior to an exercise with the help of a warm cloth and water, place it on the penis for approximately 5 minutes and ensure you squeeze in the right manner.


The head of the penis should be held with one hand while the second hand holds the penis. Stretch the penis and rotate it close to thirty times. The direction of rotation is left. It is mandatory and highly recommended to have a break after the first 30 rotations. Remember to massage it during the break. Hold the penis as before, stretch and rotate it to the opposite side i.e. right 30 times.

This exercise should be performed on a regular basis for the penis length to increase. If you feel pain while stretching, then it is an indication of a poor warm-up routine or none thereof. Stretching is an exercise that needs you to exercise patience in order to achieve results.

Length extender

This exercise requires one to firmly hold the penis head with one hand while the other holds the first for a strong grip. It can be performed while either standing or sitted depending on preference. The head should be held straight for 30 seconds, pull and stretch the penis. It is common to experience mild pain while performing it hence take breaks in-between sets. The intensity and speed can be varied up depending on your level of comfort.

The exercise works by compelling the body to activate the multiplication of the tissue cells as well as the gradual expansion of penile tissue. This means that the penis adds tissue gradually for it to become longer in length and larger in size.

Backward puller

Retract the penis foreskin, place one thumb on top of the penis shaft (an inch behind the sensitive glans). Other fingers should be placed on the underside of the shaft for adequate support. The skin on top of the shaft should be pulled towards the body and held for about 15 to 25 seconds. Ensure you use just enough force not to feel pain but just a stretch on the penis shaft. It is effective for improving both skin and length. A good warm-up phase is essential in this exercise. A 5-second long rest should be enough between repetitions.

Jelquing Exercises

Use your thumb and hand to wrap the penis base, couple this action with squeezing and pressing down the penis head. It is an action that promotes blood flow through the entire penis. You can use both hands to perform this exercise, exchange them after every set. It is also referred to s the milking technique because of how it is performed.

Circular rotation

This resembles the stretching exercise earlier described. The only differences are that it is practiced 5 times a day and that only 1 hand is used to hold the penis, stretch it and rotate it. Make the OK sign at the penis head, pull it in a gentle but firm manner and finally move it in a circular motion After 30 reps, change direction.

In order to track your progress, it is good to measure the penis when erect and flaccid and to keep a routine journal.


The exercises above guarantee stronger, bigger and very satisfying erections. They can be done literally anywhere as they just require your hands. Penis exercises are considered to be among the safest ways of increasing size. The secret is to perform the exercises in a regular manner, the same principle that applies to other body muscles applies here as well. For natural penis enlargement go to the next page.